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Embark on an Adults-Only Adventure with Virgin Voyages

Embark on an Adults-Only Adventure with Virgin Voyages

Welcome to a world of unparalleled luxury, excitement, and adult-only indulgence!

Your journey with Virgin Voyages is an experience like no other, where you'll discover extraordinary destinations, savor exquisite cuisine, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Culinary Delights at Every Turn

Your adventure begins with a culinary voyage that rivals the best restaurants around the globe. Onboard, you'll be treated to an array of gourmet options, but two truly stand out: Extra Virgin and Gunbae.

Extra Virgin: The Italian Oasis

Extra Virgin, the Italian restaurant aboard Virgin Voyages, is a gastronomic paradise that transports you straight to Italy. With each bite, you'll savor the authentic flavors of this Mediterranean haven. From homemade pasta dishes that melt in your mouth to wood-fired pizzas that redefine the meaning of perfection, Extra Virgin is a food lover's dream come true.

Gunbae: A Korean Extravaganza

For those seeking an explosion of flavors and a taste of the Far East, Gunbae is the ultimate destination. This Korean BBQ restaurant offers a lively and interactive dining experience. You'll grill your own succulent meats while enjoying traditional Korean sides and flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

Unforgettable Ports of Call

As you set sail on your Virgin Voyages journey, you'll be captivated by the stunning destinations you'll visit. Rhodes, Mykonos, and Bodrum are the true gems of this itinerary.

Santorini: A Mixed Bag

While Santorini is often hyped as a must-see destination, you found it to be a bit too crowded and hot for your liking. Nevertheless, its iconic sunsets and unique architecture are still worth experiencing, even if it means sharing the view with a few more tourists.

Rhodes: A Walk Through History

Rhodes, with its ancient ruins and charming medieval Old Town, is a place where history comes to life. Stroll through the cobbled streets, explore the medieval fortress, and soak in the rich culture of this captivating island.

Mykonos: Party and Paradise

Mykonos is the epitome of Greek glamour. With its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, it's the perfect place to let your hair down and celebrate the good life. Dance the night away and experience the world-famous Mykonos party scene.

Bodrum: Turkish Treasure

Bodrum, nestled on the Turkish coast, is a hidden gem that boasts crystal-clear waters and ancient ruins. Visit the majestic Bodrum Castle, unwind on pristine beaches, and discover the warmth and hospitality of the Turkish people.

A World of Possibilities Awaits

Your adventure with Virgin Voyages is far from over. In the coming seasons, you can look forward to exploring even more exciting itineraries. The UK sailings promise a chance to discover the beauty and culture of the British Isles. Ibiza, the Adriatic coast, and exotic destinations like Dubai and Singapore beckon with their own unique charms.

So, whether you're craving more Mediterranean magic, the rugged beauty of the UK, or the allure of distant lands, Virgin Voyages has an itinerary to suit your every desire. 

Get ready to embark on another incredible journey and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your next adventure awaits!

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